Unlocking the Power of Information

Perspective Only Experience Can Bring

Unlocking the Power of Information

Perspective Only Experience Can Bring

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Litigation Intelligence and Investigative Experts

Litigation Intelligence and Investigative Experts

Complex Fact Investigation

We have the resources and experience to handle the most complex and far-reaching investigations in a variety of industries. Our proprietary phased investigations include electronic, field and historical research to help you uncover facts.  Learn More »

Social Media Capturing & Monitoring

Our team legally and ethically locates, analyzes, validates and reports case pertinent information relating to lifestyles, backgrounds, major life events, social and communal interactions, personalities and viewpoints.  Learn More »

Due Diligence

Our team provides intelligence and vets companies, experts, executives, directors, board members, vendors, franchisees, partners, investment fund managers, major charitable recipients, and other corporate parties.  Learn More »

Juror Research & Case Analytics

Our team provides fact-based information used to identify favorable jurors, strike unfavorable jurors, and challenge jurors for cause during voir dire selection and to gain insight about the backgrounds and bias of seated jurors.  Learn More »

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investigative services

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Smith & Carson Headquarters

5755 North Point Parkway, Suite 278

Alpharetta, GA 30022

T: 800.531.9560 | F: 877.349.0267

GA Private Detective Agency License #PDC001131

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