Our Approach

Collaboration, Innovation and Integrity


The times of working in silos are long gone. All large cases now have teams of law firms and vendors working on parts of the litigation with in-house counsel stretched to oversee both the process and the budget. Collaboration is the only way to effectively manage the process, to arrive at the right result and at the right price. All of our major clients are budget driven, as are we. No one wants to be on either side of an unexpected invoice. Our proprietary phased Six Sigma inspired research methodology ensures we make certain before beginning a project that our clients are fully aware and in agreement on the scope of the work and what it will cost.


We have been in business long enough to have seen the industry move from typewriters to tablets, from postage stamps to email, from manila folders to data clouds and web-based applications, and we have embraced these changes all along the way. While some firms have only recently climbed aboard the Six Sigma bandwagon, we turned the spotlight on ourselves many years ago to identify and ferret out the inefficiencies in our processes. This is an ongoing and never-ending commitment that continues to evolve as our people roll up their sleeves and spend countless hours in passionate discussions about how we can improve the way we work. It’s not always pretty, but the process sure does work.


Our most recent applications have included a series of innovative process and communication systems (our SMARTS™ systems) incorporated into our in-house case management system, our juror research program, and portals that provide clients with secure web-based access to our reports and records. We have also envisioned and built situation-specific management systems for cases so large and so unique that off-the-shelf products were simply inadequate.


Lastly, integrity is the cornerstone of our business. We pride ourselves on our high ethical standards, and we value our client’s trust above all else.

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