Investigative Services


For over 39 years, we have teamed with clients in nearly every industry to mitigate risk, win cases and protect valuable assets with our cost controlling proprietary phased research approach. Our fact-finding investigations produce the actionable intelligence you need to meet your end goal – to diligently protect interests and assets in an ethical, efficient and cost-effective manner. We have honed our skills throughout each engagement, partnering with our clients to fine-tune protocols, budgets, reporting and technology. We have designed and built custom case management systems for clients with specific needs that could not be addressed with readymade software.

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Complex Fact Investigation

We have the resources and experience to handle the most complex and far-reaching investigations in a variety of industries. Our proprietary phased investigations include electronic, field and historical research to help you uncover facts.

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Social Media Capturing & Monitoring

Our team legally and ethically locates, analyzes, validates and reports case pertinent information relating to lifestyles, backgrounds, major life events, social and communal interactions, personalities and viewpoints.

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 Due Diligence

Our team provides intelligence and vets companies, experts, executives, directors, board members, vendors, franchisees, partners, investment fund managers, major charitable recipients, and other corporate parties.

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