Due Diligence

Smith & Carson has extensive experience conducting due diligence research and internal investigations for a wide variety of clients. The information we obtain helps outside counsel with both litigation and corporate issues. Whether counsel needs to assess experts involved in litigation or evaluate important parties related to investments and business transactions, our due diligence information provides them the confidence they need to adequately advise their clients. Likewise, many of our corporate clients engage us directly to help them evaluate potential new board members and executives as well as to help them react to sensitive situations such as potential liabilities caused by employees, vendors and environmental hazards.


Our services include:

  • Expert vetting and background investigations
  • Executive background investigations, director vetting and personnel suitability investigations
  • Vendor, contractor and organizational membership screening
  • Pre-transactional due diligence
  • Investigations into breach of non-compete and non-solicit terms
  • Investigations into employee misconduct, including fraud, theft and harassment
  • White collar defense
  • Public corruption investigations and political opposition research
  • IP protection and counterfeiting investigations
  • Genealogical investigations to locate heirs and witnesses
  • FCRA-compliant employment and consumer screening through Critical Research, Inc., a division of Smith & Carson, Inc.
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